Qi Gong

Qi Gong which means 'energy work' are moving and static exercises that have been used in China for centuries to regulate the flow of Qi or energy through the body so it flows smoothly and gives us good health. Today there are many different styles of Qi Gong that are widely practised throughout the World, some for health and medical reasons and others for martial purposes.

Most people today study Qi Gong for the health benefits. The slow movements soften and relax the physical body, the breathing methods calm the mind, reduce stress levels and act as a bridge between the physical and energetic bodies and the mind become focused and centred.

Qi flows through the Meridian System or Jing Lou that sits in the energetic body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM the Meridian System consists of twelve organ meridians or aquired meridians and eight extra meridians or congential meridians, these form the 'energetic cage' where the three Dan Tien sit.

The Lower Dan Tien acts as a water wheel to push the Qi through the energy body, if the Qi is not flowing smoothly it can lead to stagnantion and over time to physical illness.

As the energy body sits between the physical and conciousness bodies we can use it as a go between, as the frequencies are different.

There are different types of Qi;

Kong Qi – Qi from the Environment.
Gu Qi – Qi taken from our food.
Di Qi – Qi from the planet.
Zong Qi – Gathering or Central Qi. the different types of Qi gather in the centre of the body and are converted or translated into Zeng Qi.
Zeng Qi – Qi which the energy body can understand and use.

In Lotus Nei Gong we use specific types of Qi Gong exercises like a toolbox to achieve different results not as an end result, they are part of the Nei Gong Process, for instance, the Ji Ben Qi Gong exercises (fundamental energy work) are one of the first sets of Qi Gong exercises a beginner will learn as they soften and align the physical body, circulate and regulate the energy body and calm the mind, giving you all-round good health.

Later exercises work with the congential meridians and can take us further along the path to spiritual awakening, although not as far as Nei Dan can.

Main image; Qi Gong on the beach. Top left; Wuji practise inbetween Qi Gong movements. Top right; Ji Ben Qi Gong in class. Bottom; Me practising Qi Gong in the Garden.