Many people practise the Daoist Arts for different reasons, some for the health benefits, others for a deeper philosophical meaning to their lives. When we study the theory of Daoist Arts such as Taijiquan and Nei Gong with practical study it enables us to directly experience an understanding of our place in the universe.

Taijiquan or Tai Chi is primarily known for its slow graceful movements and relaxing health benefits, but Taijiquan is much more than this and works on a number of levels. It is a Martial Art that uses relaxed internal power to overcome a greater force and also a path in which to develop our consciousness. When we study Taijiquan along the classical Daoist threefold path, we bring together health, martial and consciousness practices to attain deep and meaningful change in our lives.

Nei Gong, which can translate as 'internal development' in Chinese, is a process of change rather than a set of exercises that works with the physical, energetic, and consciousness bodies to balance our nature and give us good health. However, a number of moving and static exercises are used in the process, to clear and awaken the energy system, these include Qi Gong, Dao Yin and breathing exercises. We aim to awaken our energy system via the lower Dan Tien, which sits below the navel.

My name is Neil Lodge and I am the teacher at the Lotus Nei Gong class in Cardiff. On this site you'll find a brief overview of the subjects I currently teach such as Taijiquan, Nei Gong, Qi Gong and Dao Yins following the Daoist tradition that Laoshr Damo Mitchell has passed on to me.

Lotus Nei Gong was founded by Laoshr Damo Mitchell. Damo has been training intensively in the Martial Arts of Asia for more than 30 years and his aim is to teach the full spectrum of Daoist Arts as they were passed on to him, allowing anyone access to a wide ranging syllabus through classes and courses in the UK and in other countries.

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Main image: Detail of a dragon in a Daoist temple in China. Above left: Me practising in Sweden. Above right: Damo training in China. Bottom: practising the form on a West Wales beach.